In this News section of our website you’ll find various stories, updates, and other snippets throughout the year that we want to share with you. Check out some highlights below and check back often for more!

“I want to go to Okoboji again!”

The testimonial below is from the Taylor family who came to Okoboji for the first time in 2019. Clayton was a speaker for the student ministry during the conference. His family was blessed while also being a blessing. The Taylor story depicts how we believe many young families feel when they come to Conference. Financial…

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Tammy’s Story

“Tammy”, a young college student, grew up in a spiritually restricted part of Asia.  She grew up in a country that taught her from childhood that there was no creator, no God, no eternal home, and no hope of everlasting life. While in Okoboji working for the summer at Godfather’s pizza, she lived in a…

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Book of Memory

There is a time that takes place on the first Sunday morning of Conference every year. It is one of my favorite times of the week because it is so moving. It happens during the report to the conference family. It is a time where we remember the lives of those who were part of…

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