New Okoboji Bible Conference Ministries Logo

Last fall, the Okoboji Bible Conference marketing committee gathered together to work on the branding and marketing for the organization. Through a series of surveys conducted with both external and internal OBC members, they collectively identified the strengths and weaknesses of the organization to better understand how to position the brand for marketing purposes and for sustainability of the organization. This work led to a brand logo redesign based on the identified brand framework and positioning.

Okoboji Bible Conference Ministries (OBCM) equips Christians to live out their faith in their local and global communities.  Since 1935, through its annual conference and year-round ministries, OBCM has brought rich and relevant Bible teaching, vibrant worship and world-class musicians to families and individuals living in or visiting the resort area of Okoboji, IA.  OBCM is passionately committed to sharing God’s love and helping Christ followers deepen their relationship with Him and their neighbors.

Our new logo is a fun and inviting logo that capitalizes on the bible conference’s location on a lake, in a vacation destination. The logo utilizes an emblem that shows three layers of waves with a cross rising up from out of the waves in the middle of the emblem. The cross riding on top of the water, represents Jesus, who holds us up and walks on water to save us all. The blue waves represent Lake Okoboji’s blue water and the three layers of waves and three shades of blue represent the conference’s three core competencies: Rich Bible Teaching, Vibrant Worship, and World-Class Musicians. Those colors of the waves also represent depth of the water, as you get deeper the color gets darker, which represents the fact that OBCM serves to deepen everyone's relationship with God.