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Christian Life Communities are electives. Participants are encouraged to attend the same community all five days.

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John Walton, Wisdom for Faithful Reading: Principles and Practices for Old Testament Interpretation

You may never read the Old Testament the same way again. Using sound principles of interpretation points the way to stay focused on what the Old Testament text communicated to its original audience—and what it has to say for us today. When we submit ourselves to be accountable to the authors’ intentions, we experience the true authority ofScripture. Faithful reading fuels a faithful life.

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Jennifer Dukes Lee, Growing Slow

This community on the book of Revelation will include a blend of historical, literary, and theological observations grounded in a close reading of the text. Particular attention will be paid to the book’s inaugural vision and its relationship to the letters to the seven churches, as well as to the rest of the work. Readers will gain an appreciation for the book as a combination of three genres (letter, prophecy, and apocalypse) and learn effective reading strategies for interpreting the text and applying its message today. The series will build on the foundation laid in the 2020 presentation at Okoboji Bible Conference.

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LUKE & AMY WONG, Discipleship in Current Cultural Climate

Discipleship in Current Cultural Climate
Monday - How Can We Attract Non-Believers?
Tuesday - Why Do People Compare?
Wednesday - Are We Entitled to Our Feelings?
Thursday - How Do I Deescalate in Arguments?
Friday - How Do I Become Spiritually Mature?

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DUSTY WHITE, Parenting in a Post-Christian Culture

Kids learn a lot about themselves and God in discipline situations. In this community, you will learn four powerful identity forming messages that will grow wisdom in your kids while staying connected to their hearts.