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Christian Life Communities are electives. Participants are encouraged to attend the same community all five days.

Dr. John H. Walton is Professor Emeritus of
Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School where he taught for over twenty years. Perhaps most widely known for the “Lost World” books, including The Lost World of Genesis One; The Lost World of Adam and Eve; and The Lost World of the Flood.

John Walton, Principles for Old Testament Interpretation - Tabernacle

You may never read the Old Testament the same way again. Using sound principles of interpretation points the way to stay focused on what the Old Testament text communicated to its original audience—and what it has to say for us today. When we submit ourselves to be accountable to the authors’ intentions, we experience the true authority ofScripture. Faithful reading fuels a faithful life.

Jennifer Dukes Lee is the bestselling author of several books and Bible studies, including Growing Slow and It’s All Under Control. She and her husband live on the fifth-generation Lee Family Farm near Inwood, Iowa, where they have invested a life in raising crops, pigs, two beautiful humans, and an enduring faith.

Jennifer Dukes Lee, Growing Slow - Founders Hall

Do you feel rushed, hurried, stressed out, and worried? Enter a simpler way of living by unhurrying your heart, embracing the relaxed rhythms of nature, and discovering the meaningful gift of growing slow. Through Scripture and lessons from her farm, Jennifer will help you find the relief that comes when you rest in Jesus. You’ll walk away empowered to enjoy the life you have, knowing that your Creator enjoys watching you grow.

Luke Wong, a former IBM Research scientist, and his wife Amy Cheng-Wong, a former NYC prosecutor, served as missionaries in Asia for 17 years. They’ve planted several churches and founded the discipleship ministry called 7-Stages making equippers out of
seekers. Luke and Amy live in Houston, Texas, and have three daughters and two granddaughters.

LUKE & AMY WONG, Discipleship in Current Cultural Climate - Upper Level of Light of the Lakes

Discipleship in Current Cultural Climate
Monday - How Can We Attract Non-Believers?
Tuesday - Why Do People Compare?
Wednesday - Are We Entitled to Our Feelings?
Thursday - How Do I De-escalate in Arguments?
Friday - How Do I Become Spiritually Mature?

Dusty serves as Pastor of Care and Counseling at Coram Deo Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Married in 2000, he and Jaci have 6 fantastic kids! They have given their focus to marriage, parenting, and family systems. Dusty and Jaci count it a privilege to have been in full-time vocational ministry since 2002.

DUSTY WHITE, Parenting in a Post-Christian Culture - Hedberg Theatre in Maritime Museum

There’s a way the world does things, and a way Christians do things. For decades the world accommodated the Christian way of parenting. In our lifetime that tide has shifted. Raising children is important joyful work, and we want to refresh, renew, and revisit the Bible’s guide to parenting. The world culture has many voices and influences; this class will equip you to raise your kids in faithful devotion to Jesus Christ.

J. Drake is philosopher, educator, and consultant. He is currently Assistant Professor at Creighton University, where he teaches philosophical courses in ethics, law, and political economics. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin the Fall of 2017. Outside of academia, he serves his local church as a worship team member and small group leader. He has been married to his wife, Emily, for 10 years, and has three young daughters.

JONATHAN DRAKE, Logic is on our side - Lower Level of Ella's House

Is Christianity just a leap of faith? Jonathan will help us understand that it is very logical to believe in the existence of God. Come and be encourage