Children & Youth Ministries

We are excited to provide engaging, Bible-based programming for our children and youth! From infant childcare to high school students, we want each one to know and experience the love of Christ at Okoboji Bible Conference.

The health and safety of your children is our priority. We ask that all children and youth (birth through age 17) be registered.

We encourage the children to bring their Bibles with them to their classes.


Infants to 3 years (still in diapers)


Saturday, August 3
6:45pm - Check-in
7:15pm - Activities Begin

Sunday, August 4
10:00am & 6:45pm- Check-in
10:30am & 7:15pm - Activities Begin

Monday - Friday
9:30am & 6:45- Check-in
10:00am & 7:15pm - Activities Begin

Location: Chapel, south of Tabernacle
(check in begins 30 minutes prior to session)

Leisl Lidiak, Nursery Director

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Leisl is from Sheldon, Iowa, and has been teaching preschool for 18 years. She returns for her fourth year leading the nursery team.

"Every year I look forward to reuniting with families from previous years and meeting new families just starting to attend OBC.  It excites me in knowing that my staff and I are making it possible for these parents to grow closer to God and strengthen their faith because their youngsters are in a safe and caring place, our nursery.  Just as Jesus came to serve others, we are also serving."


3 years old (out of diapers) to Kindergarten


Sunday, August 6
10:15am - Check-in
10:30am - Activities Begin

Monday - Friday
9:45am & 7:00pm - Check-in
10:00am & 7:15pm - Activities Begin

Location: Ella’s House, south of Tabernacle

Children must be picked up by their parent or adult guardian immediately following sessions.


Happy Campers: The Adventure Of Life With God!  When Jesus walked this earth, he invited twelve men to share in his life and to join him on a great adventure. Today, Jesus invites each of us to join him on this great adventure of life in Christ.

Diane Krommendyk, Early Childhood Director

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Diane Krommendyk has been in education for over 30 years; the last 23 she’s taught 1st grade at Orange City Christian School. She holds a Master’s in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys spending time with her husband of 32 years and her 3 children. She’s thrilled to be part of the conference again this year.

“The atmosphere during the week of the conference is amazing! So on fire for the Lord! I can’t think of any place I would rather be during the first week of August!"



Entering 1st grade to 5th grade


Monday - Friday 

10:00am - 12:00pm
(Drop off begins at 9:45. Look for the large blue ‘WELCOME’ flag)

Location: Majestic Pavillion


For each evening session, children begin in the Tabernacle with their parents. The children entering 1st-3rd grade will be dismissed for at approximately 7:45 pm.

Location: Founders Hall


Because He's faithful, I can believe God loves me!
Because He's faithful, I can believe God knows me!
Because He's faithful, I can believe God is always with me!
Because He's faithful, I can believe God keeps His promises!
Because He's faithful, I can believe God is gracious, and I can be too!

Lori Rogers, Elementary Director

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Lori Rogers is passionate about sharing the Gospel with children. She teaches third graders during the school year in Marion, IA

Melissa MacDonald, Elementary Minister

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Melissa MacDonald is a master story teller and uses this gift to teach children the Word of God. She is also an author, coach, and speaker. She’s been speaking at camps for over a decade. She has the unique ability to connect with people of any age.

"It is my privilege to serve in the elementary program at OBC each year. Watching God work in my own children's lives through these very same ministries keeps me focused on our goal: growing children in their faith in Jesus. Thank you for entrusting your precious ones to us during conference week. We can't wait to lead them closer to Jesus during our time together!"



Entering 6th to 8th grade & 9th to 12th grade


Monday - Friday 

10:00am - 12:00pm
(Drop off begins at 9:45)

Location: Roof Garden Ballroom

Evening activities are also planned- schedule distributed at Conference.

Clayton Taylor, Youth Director

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Clayton Taylor loves investing in students as they learn to own their faith by growing in their personal relationship with Jesus. He has joyfully served in student ministry for over 15 years, most recently in the Twin Cities area.

Sanctuary Music, Worship

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Sanctuary Music came together over a shared passion for music and a desire to create space for their generation to encounter God. Students Grace Sherman, and Sam & Ezra Petersen all serve their local church in Mountain Lake, MN.

"I love investing in students as they learn to own their faith by growing in their personal relationship with Jesus."


Are you interested in volunteering in the Children & Youth Ministry Programs? Apply now!