Conference 2020 Frequently Asked Questions


We look forward to gathering a few weeks for Conference 2020 both in person and online! Given all the adjustments to Conference this year a list of Frequently Asked Questions is below. Have more questions? Reach out to our office 712.332.2883!


Will masks be required  at Conference? 

Masks/Face coverings will be highly encouraged but not mandated at Conference.

Wearing a mask is an easy way to show deference one for another. They are highly encouraged because we will likely have many participants in an age range that is considered at risk.

Everyone is in need of interaction and wearing a mask may encourage this to be a place everyone feels more comfortable interacting. There are many outdoor spaces on campus where social distancing will be easy and a mask would not be needed. When interacting with people a mask is a simple way to show others you care by taking an extra precaution.

Our staff, including myself, will have masks with them at all times. There will be times when moving around campus we may not have a mask on. When interacting with people or when needing to be closer than six feet to someone else we will have a mask ready.

Let’s be honest, this is a tricky issue. Depending on your geographic location, population density and local politics there are many different views and mandates. Our Conference family comes from many different locations and have different experiences and  opinions. I pray for grace, understanding and deference for one another to be evident through the week!

Will we still have pie and ice cream? 

A burning question for many, I know! Food will be available on our terrace, including Nutty Bars and a food truck(s), but we will not have nightly indoor food service for pie. We WILL have pie and ice cream on the terrace after the Friday evening service to close out Conference 2020.

Are children invited to the services and communities? 

Yes! We do not have a nursery, children or youth programs this year but children are welcome to come with their parents to any class or service happening on campus.

What extra precautions are taking place for cleaning and sanitization? 

We are working with JCL Solutions for professional sanitization of our high traffic spaces at Conference. Professional Sanitization of our new restrooms and the Tabernacle will happen twice a day. Once in the afternoon and once overnight. Sanitization of high touch points will happen routinely throughout the day.  Sanitization will take place in every room after use.

There will be times on campus that buildings, like Founders Hall and the new Multi-purpose space, are closed because cleaning has taken place in preparation for the next use of space.

Hand sanitizing stations and bottles of sanitizer will be readily available across the grounds. Masks will be available if you would like one (while supplies last) at the Welcome Center in the Tabernacle.


How will social distancing in the Tabernacle and around campus work? 

Every other row in the Tabernacle will taped off and closed for the week. We will ask that if you, and your family, sit in the same row as others there is at least 3 chairs between you and other families. Outdoor and terrace seating will be available. Feel free to also bring your own chair and join from outside the Tabernacle where you are comfortable.

Morning Bible Hour seating will take place in the two East seating sections in the Tabernacle. The morning Community seating in the Tabernacle will be in the two West seating sections. The seating will be sanitized before the evening service.

Morning Communities happening in Founders Hall and the Ella’s House will have seating pre-set for social distancing. We ask that you not move the chairs.

How can I access the LiveStream to watch online? 

We will have an easy to find link right on the homepage of our website to access the livestreamed events.