Middle School Property Update

Update on Middle School Property

The Middle School Property has been a source of our prayers for the last few years. The property went up for auction at the end of February and was sold to local businessman, Neil Slater, for $1.1 million dollars.

We had not had contact with Mr. Slater before the auction. We did not know he would be a bidder. The entities and people that we knew would be bidders, and that we had conversations with, did not win the bid. While we saw paths to partnership in the property with other potential buyers none of them won the bid.

God is on the throne and hope for the future space is not lost. I have had a good initial conversation with Mr. Slater. He is aware of our history with the property and our desire to continue to use the space.

Mr. Slater has some decisions to make in regards to the future of the property but all signals, right now, point to a large portion of the building remaining in place. There are many factors that could change this initial signal but it is encouraging to hear right now.

We will have use of the building for Conference 2020. Potential continued use remains a point of prayer. Let’s pray for positive continued conversation and relationship with Mr. Slater.

I will continue to update our Conference family as developments take place. We have Imagined More Together and now we walk with Eyes of Faith!

Jon Pausley, Executive Director