Tammy’s Story

“Tammy”, a young college student, grew up in a spiritually restricted part of Asia.  She grew up in a country that taught her from childhood that there was no creator, no God, no eternal home, and no hope of everlasting life.

While in Okoboji working for the summer at Godfather’s pizza, she lived in a Bible Conference home.  Shortly after arriving, she met the Global Friends Okoboji staff who began to practice English and introduced Bible stories and Discovery Bible study.

A discovery Bible study asks simple questions about passages in the Bible. For example, “what does this passage say about God?” or “What does it say about people?” After a few weeks of hearing Bible stories, “Tammy” went to the last big Global Friends Okoboji event of the season which involved a treasure hunt through Arnold’s Park, ultimately leading to hearing the parable of the lost coin found in Matthew.

Later, when asked what she thought about the story.  She exclaimed, “I am the lost coin and Jesus is looking for me!”  Tammy became a believer and her whole countenance changed!

This past Thanksgiving, when asked how she is doing in her home country, she responded, “ I often share Bible stories with my friends they like them!”  Those stories are powerful!

Hebrews 4:12 says “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double edged sword” we saw evidence of this in Tammy’s life!