“I want to go to Okoboji again!”

The testimonial below is from the Taylor family who came to Okoboji for the first time in 2019. Clayton was a speaker for the student ministry during the conference. His family was blessed while also being a blessing.

The Taylor story depicts how we believe many young families feel when they come to Conference. Financial support throughout the year helps us make it possible for young families to engage with OBC. We pray these young families will blossom generations who grow in their faith together at Okoboji.

My family and I didn’t know what to expect when we were invited to the Okoboji Bible Conference, but what I can tell you is that it exceeded our expectations. From the loving environment to the beautiful Okoboji area, each day was a new and exciting experience that blessed us in so many different ways. What we enjoyed most about OBC was the people. Even though we did not know each other prior to Conference they treated us like family and friends. They truly cared about getting to know us. By the end of the week we were no longer strangers but friends.

We also appreciated the intentionality that OBC puts into providing quality and sound speakers for the adults, students and kids programs. I know my wife and I were blessed by hearing powerful and impacting messages that strengthened our faith individually and as husband and wife. Not only that, but as one of the speakers for the student ministry during OBC, it was such a blessing for my wife and I to have the opportunity to do ministry and grow together. The kids ministry programs for our daughters gave them great life lessons to grow in their faith in fun and creative ways.

I remember my wife and I saying throughout the week how good it was to get away from the “busy” of life and just be a family together. OBC provided the perfect space and environment for our family to do just that and to connect with God and each other. This is priceless and we am so thankful to have been a part of Okoboji last summer….In fact, to this day our daughters will randomly say, “I want to go back to Okoboji again!” and both my wife and I will respond with, “we do too! we do too!” I believe this is a testament to what OBC is and how God meets each family, person, student and child in a special way.

Thank you OBC for providing our family a place to connect with each other and with God. Okoboji is truly a special place!

The Taylor Family