Our Vision

Growing Christians to live out the transforming power of Christ’s love

We Value

  • Prayer and worship as the central callings of the Spirit-empowered believer
  • Authentic relationships across families, generations, and Christian church traditions
  • Knowing and obeying God’s Word as essential for Christian growth and healthy living
  • Missional living as the norm for Christ’s followers

Strategic Priorities

  1. Develop and implement a campus-wide plan that will ensure the suitability of our physical facilities for our mission.
  2. Seek to foster a passion for missional living through teaching, modeling, mentoring and mobilizing.
  3. Become a center for the healing, development, and refreshment of Christian leaders.
  4. Seek greater opportunities to serve the tangible needs of the Lakes region.
  5.  Continue to create intentional opportunities for the forming and strengthening of relationships.
  6.  Facilitate mission alignment for all OBC ministries.